Machine Learning Animations

Understanding machine learning algorithms through animated visualizations

I just published some beautiful animated visualizations for popular machine learning algorithms, built with the awesome R package animation. Take a look at them: Machine Learning Animations. They help to understand parameter tuning and algorithm convergence. You can find the source code in my GitHub. I will be constantly adding... [Read More]
Tags: rstats, machine-learning, animation, dataviz

Feature Extraction with KNN

Improving H2O GLM with KNN features from FastKNN

I just wrote a Kaggle kernel showing how to use the knnExtract() method from my R package fastknn to make a nonlinear mapping from the orginal features and improve H2O GLM performance. The resulting method is very fast and performs better than Random Forests for the Forest Cover Type dataset.... [Read More]
Tags: rstats, machine-learning, fastknn, kaggle, tutorial