R Packages

  • fastknn: Fast k-Nearest Neighbor Classifier for Large Datasets.
  • elmnet: Regularized and Pruned Extreme Learning Machines in R.
  • impcov: Improved Covariance Matrix Estimators in R. (in development)


  • Feature Engineering: Using Feature Engineering to improve Model Prediction performance (in Portuguese).
  • Intro to Kaggle: Deliberate Practice and Kaggle Datasets (in Portuguese).
  • EDA with R: Exploratory Data Analysis with R (in Portuguese).
  • Data Science Roadmap: How to start with Machine Learning and Data Science in Python and R (in Portuguese).
  • H2O.ai Tutorial: H2O Tuning and Ensembling Tutorial for R.

R Shiny Applications

  • Pruned Extreme Learning Machine: measuring neuron importance with the F-score measure on SLFNs trained by the ELM algorithm, and eliminating the non-important ones to avoid overfitting.

Machine Learning Animations

Master’s Thesis

My Master’s thesis on Bayesian Classification with Regularized Gaussian Models: Master’s Thesis.